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Oxygen treatment O2

Aging begins with a lack of oxygen, and its amount in the cells has a great influence. The atmosphere is becoming more and more polluted and our cells are less and less supplied, that is, they are hungry for oxygen. Poor circulation in old age is another reason for the lack of oxygen in the cells, and therefore the cells function less well. Dead skin cells accumulate on the surface of the skin, which also have a slower regeneration due to poor circulation. And slower renewal and damaged skin barrier is a big problem with acne, couperose, oily, dry, hyperpigmented skin. To change or prevent this it is necessary to nourish the skin with oxygen.


We recommend for: alleviation and reduction of wrinkles, alleviation of various scars (acne, operations, burns…), rejuvenation and tightening of the skin, reduction of hyperpigmentation spots, alleviation of stretch marks

Dermalogica facial treatment

Dermalogica complete facial treatment begins with double Dermalogica cleansing and Face Mapping skin analysis. Exfoliation based on rice enzymes, salicylic and lactic acid, papain and green tea, we will smooth the skin, accelerate cell renewal, soften the skin with vapozone, mechanically clean, disinfect, massage the skin face, neck and décolleté and apply a suitable mask or combination of masks that soothes the skin after cleansing and alleviates any redness.

Eyelash extensions

Eyelash extensions are individual long-lasting lashes. They can be synthetic, silk, or of animal origin. The extension is applied directly to the natural hair of the client's natural lashes with medical glue. In this way, natural lashes are upgraded, lengthened, or their volume is increased.


Fibroblast treatment is a world-renowned and the latest trend on the market in the world of beauty, which uses plasma energy in its work. By reducing excess skin with plasma energy, an immediately visible and rejuvenated appearance is achieved, as well as a long-term non-invasive result. Immediately after the treatment, the result of raised eyelids, tightened skin and removal of wrinkles is visible.

Permanent make up

Permanent make-up is one of the aesthetic treatments intended for correcting, changing, beautifying, highlighting and balancing certain parts of the face, such as: eyebrows, eyelids, lips and on the body: scalp, areola and scars.

Japanese eyebrow drawing

The perfect solution if your natural eyebrows have stopped growing due to unprofessional plucking or you are not satisfied with the shape, they are too rare and you are tired of morning drawing.

Medical micropigmentation

Micropigmentation of the scalp and scars is a method of pigmentation of the scalp and a technique that compensates for hair loss in women and men, and can also help with alopecia and concealment of scars.

Hand care

Tretmani koje nudimo - Trajni lak, Geliranje i nadogradnja, Nail art, Klasična manikura, Parafinska kupka

Treatments for men

Ako mislite da „pravi muškarci“ ne posjećuju kozmetičke salone, u krivu ste. Dapače, pravi muškarci brinu o svom izgledu. Preporučamo da posjetite provjereni kozmetički salon i priuštite si tretmane za njegu.